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Julio Ramos is the artist behind Mulholland Motorsports

Automotive paint is the medium,
Metal is the canvas.

The shop

Julio Ramos opened Mulholland Motorsports in 1996, and has since become the premier exotic auto body shop of choice for the greater Los Angeles area. With customers all across the country, there is no better master craftsmanship than Julio and his team.

The artist

Julio isn't just an auto body technician, he's an artist — intertwining his passions for cars and art.  

Ramos is a product of the diverse Southern California landscape, surrounded by the sights, sounds and creativity of multiple cultures that shape and inspire his personal and professional ventures.

In lieu of formalized and regimented art training in traditional mediums, Ramos instead harnessed the decades of sculpting, finishing, painting, and creativity acquired in the classic automobile restoration trade. From an apprenticeship to owning and operating his own restoration business in Los Angeles, he repurposes the everyday tools of his trade and transforms them into the extensions of his diverse and experienced creative imagination.


Metal, automotive grade paint, hues and colors stemming from motorama and shapes and techniques that can all be traced back to Ramos’ decades of restoration and craftsmanship manifest in the unique art pieces he produces. His pieces don’t represent any specific automotive theme or culture, but rather serve as a foundation only for his bright and usually contrasting art.

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“What may be mundane can still explode with vibrancy and emotional passion; we must stay unbigoted to these ideas that are just waiting to be exposed”

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